Monday, April 8, 2013

Small steps.

About a month ago now, while in an East Coast town, we spotted this young horse being used as a taxi. We tracked down his owner and negotiated a price, and now "Cash" as we call him, lives here with us.

He turned out to be a colt so a gelding was arranged while he stayed at Dean's for a few days, and eventually he made it home.

A couple of weeks later he was beginning to look a whole lot happier and more relaxed. He had been wormed twice, gelding and had his teeth done.

We have continued to ride him a wee bit, and while basically quiet, he really has very little idea and after a ride last week, I decided another course of action was required for Cash.  I had been including some ground work sessions into his routine, and while he is a fast learner, what he had learnt prior to us, was stuck fast so undoing some of those things is taking a while. 
Today was an awesome breakthrough. After 3 serious efforts to get him flexing and turning and just generally responding to a bit properly, he is backing up with light pressure, where before, he just leaned into it and gagged on the bit. He now is turning his head right round to his sides without moving his feet. Wednesday he is getting his back checked as I suspect he is a bit sore in a few places.  Then I hope the rest will be easy for him.


SheMovedtoTexas said...

He looks so much better now! What a great thing you've done for him :)

sally said...

Oh he is super cute!!!! and I'd say a good thing he is now with you