Thursday, July 25, 2013

We have been on a bit of a road trip

 We had a few days holidaying around the beautiful Easy Coast.  Stunning place with some amazing friendly people. The Tolaga Bay Wharf is a must see for anyone doing this trip.

 There are prolific numbers of horses, all round remote area's of NZ.
 This young man was heading up the bush for a couple of nights. He was hoping to get a Deer.
 Wandering stock, are a real issue and have been known to cause a few accidents.
We spent a bit of time chatting to this delightful man. Friendly and knowledgeable. He was going possumming.

Which brings me round to an idea I hatched while driving round this week. 
Mostly bought about by watching one young man saddle his horse one morning. Now there wasn't too much good you could say about the saddle, and the girth appeared to only do up on one buckle. He took a flying leap, landed in the saddle, and the girth popped off. Good old mare stood rock still, while he leapt off again, and proceeded to try to attach the girth in some way...again.
Now, I don't want to take away anything from the group of NZ's who are doing amazing work oversea's, but I just thought about some of the gear we all have hanging around, that is often not worth trying to sell, but is still in good safe and use able condition.
I am going to take along whatever I can find, next time we visit some of these poor and fairly remote area's, and give what ever I can to these kid's who mostly know no better. 
If it makes life better for one horse, I will be happy, and if it helps one child stay a bit safer, then I will be even happier.
So, guess what I am saying is, if you too have something, you are happy enough to donate, them let me know, or pass it on some time, and I will make sure it get's to where it will be extremely well used!

You can contact me via email if you want to help. I am in the Waikato so getting stuff to me needs to be possible!

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