Friday, April 5, 2013

Poor Pink

She seems to have the dreaded Trumpet Nose virus and has a snotty, swollen nose. Shawnee too has the snots but no swollen nose on her.

We had this virus hear 2 yrs ago and it was ultimately what caused the throat collapse that Summer ended up with.
We will be keeping a close eye on them of course but they seem ok.

Today we locked frosty away from her mum for the first time. Frosty is a bit precious, and even though she could see Busy the entire time, she threw a fairly decent tantrum because she couldn't get in for a drink. She is one dominant personality that is going to need some careful handling I suspect. Eventually she gave in (got tired I suspect) and we let them back together. Tomorrow we will repeat the process. I know a lot of people just walk the mares away, but I am too soft for that and prefer the slow approach. It achieves the same result with a lot less trauma.

All the horses seem to be a bit ditzy of late. The wee bit of rain has bought on the fresh green grass shoots they love and we don't. Going to have to put up some tapes tomorrow and slow down their intakes.

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