Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's been a while...again

So it's been a while. Not too much has changed with me. Some horses have arrived, and a few have moved on.
Currently we have the totally lovely Melody who carried me through the GNZ Trek with grace and style.
Busy is still here too and her foal Frosty is now 5 mths old.
Then there is Juno if course, and the delightful Pink, and super dude Cash, along with Shawnee the pinto Standy who is in foal to the Missouri Foxtrotter.

We just had a weekend away riding in Taumaranui. I totally tied myself in knots about going as I knew, I really had to get on one of the young horses.
Confidence still spirals up and down with me, and I had all sorts of scenario's running through my mind.
Of course, it all worked out just fine really and left me wondering just what the heck I get so worked up about.

Not only confidence, but I am super tired of late. Sore from trying to do more than I am capable of but still not prepared to admit ;-)
Easter weekend last year, we spent with Brian T who is no longer with us. I do miss the man we called Koro but knowing how much he would have enjoyed the riding we did, made me smile.

It's weird how all those emotions make you do crazy stuff sometimes though.

The best part of the weekend was catching up with a couple of people we haven't seen in about 13 yrs. Funny how life takes you away but brings you back together at random times.

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