Monday, July 9, 2012

moving on

The recent spell on fine weather meant more opportunities to ride, and with a new pony in the paddock, and an upcoming ride planned, I needed to get out there.

Twinkle Toes has not been ridden since the weekend we tried her out, and she can be a bit cheeky so the yard seemed a good option.
She switches to Kangaroo petrol every so often and hops up and down on the spot. But it's one of those try it and see what happens, kind of things that you get with these experienced types who have been round the block a bit.
So later on Saturday, Charlie opted to take her for a ride out for me. Nice to know she did the same thing for him but again, it was short lived.

Sunday, 3 of us rode out for a farm ride, my first proper ride on Miss Twinkle! We rode for close to 3 hrs and apart from a couple of kangaroo incidents, it all went really well thankfully.
The same can't be said for Jet Black though. The holiday has turned him into a very naughty, spoilt brat, a sign of his true colours possibly and more than likely the reason he was sold on so cheap. We always knew there would be something, and finally we found out what it was.
After a couple of hrs though, he was returning to his usual self.

And today, Monday (spoilt aye), Susan and I went out for a ride on a farm she rides at occasionally. My first ride out on Twinkle, and an milestone in that I took a horse, in the float and went out riding again. That hasn't happened in quite some time.
Twinkle was great. Amazing what 3 days riding in a row and going somewhere strange will do for an attitude.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

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sally said...

I'm sad to hear about Trix ....but glad Twinkle toes gave you a good ride. Nice to hear you out and about