Friday, August 3, 2012

Family & Friends

A few weeks ago, we went and stayed with Mark & Michelle (Janice, if your reading this, you and Mark are cousins!) with the aim of riding in the forest again and getting to know Twinkle a bit better.

It was all going great until we got out onto the beach. Charlie took Jet out into the surf which he wasn't too keen on. Jet wanted to go one way, Charlie the other until Jet appeared to get dizzy maybe, and just fell over with Charlie unable to get off in time.
He came up grey, not knowing which way was up and holding his shoulder. Leaning on Twinkle, he walked step by step back to dry land, (mean of me but I wasn't getting off in the water!) where all the able bodied people sprang into action and got him sorted into a make shift sling. 
Very wet and cold, they managed to get him onto Buddy (Mark's horse) and quietly took him back to our vehicles.
Jakob was with us and had been riding Buddy so he got on Jet and aimed him back out to the water. We couldn't believe our eyes when Jet fell on his side again. Lucky Jakob is younger, fitter and very agile and managed to jump free before getting hurt.
Jet just seemed to get dizzy and falls over. Something we have heard of but never seen before.

We thought Charlie had a broken collarbone, turned out to be bad bruising so while he is still very sore 2 weeks on, he is much improved.

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