Friday, June 1, 2012

Thursday & Friday

Thursday 31

We left Methven on our way South.  A short break in Timaru to get some more information, and we again decided on the inland route. 

Dansey’s Pass Road was fantastic!! Stunning big hill country. The cloud was closing in, as was the afternoon.

 Middlemarch  had a self serve diesel pump and we needed diesel. Unfortunately the pump  was out of order so we had to turn around and go back to Hyde to their self serve pump. It was dark when we got to Mosgiel so this seemed like a good place to stay. 

Tomorrow, The Catlins.

Friday, 1 June

A good crisp frost this morning, but lovely and warm out in the sun. I walked to the shop, Charlie drove! We bought a few groceries and made our way south. 

Nugget Point on the Catlins Coast has a lighthouse but the Fur seals were more interesting. Shame you have to be so far away from them but it is understandable.

We continued a drive around the coastline. Amazing bush that goes right down to the waters edge. We ended the day in Invercargill.

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