Saturday, June 2, 2012


An easy drive to Gore this morning. Gore was a bit of a surprise really. We both thought it was a lot smaller than it obviously was. 

Then we continued on towards Alexandra.  Again, we were surprised. It has grown a lot since we were last there (about 10 yrs ago).

We had our lunch down by the river where the old bridge is. As we drove out of town, the clock outside the chemist said it was 2 degrees. No wonder we were shivering!

The Lewis Pass is a pleasant drive and Twizel is also a town of surprises. The  local pub does a great roast dinner!

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sally said...

Sounds like you are having fun.....but by gosh it sounds cold. You are entering my favourite part of the world. We travel to Queenstown every year to stay with family out at Arthurs point just out of Queenstown. The scenery down that way is so dramatic. I hope you have fun and look forward to more photos. If you fancy treating yourself to a drink in a fancy setting try out the 'Bunker' in Queenstown. It is expensive but worth a martini