Sunday, January 15, 2012

a busy weekend for some

Week five's goal was to see if I could go without pain relief. For 2 days now I have coped pretty well and not taken any drugs during the day. Just Ibuprofen at night to ensure I get to sleep.
Yay for small achievements. Actually I have been feeling heaps better this week and managing to do quite a bit more each day.

A friend came and stayed for the weekend to help catch up on the horsey jobs. Things were starting to pile up and really needed to be done.
The frustrating weather hasn't really helped. So much rain this summer.

Lucky and foal are off to Taumaranui next weekend so Lucky can get in foal to our friend Chanelle's, lovely sporthorse stallion, Oakley.
Chanelle is keeping Lucky and once he reaches weaning age, we will go back and pick up her foal.
So today he had 3 big sessions of being caught, learning to lead, and spending time on the float. He really handled it all very well. So far his temperament appears to be sound so that is a big plus.

They also scouted another fundraiser trek for the dog trial club. This one sounds awesome and they both said it was a bit more challenging than the last one.

Next weeks goal for me was to get back on a horse. 3 people have now  said they don't think that is such a good idea so I might have to rethink that one. maybe it will be to drive the car again.......................


sally said...

Geez Sharon ....I'm a bit out of the loop. Sorry to hear about your injuries. You sure dont deserve this!!!!. Hope the sleep comes easier and the body mends quick!

Sharon said...

Hey Sally, I hope the holidays are treating you well.
Healing well but sadly, I won't be at the Taranaki Hunt trek though.

Jan F said...

Hi Sharon.... Good to hear you are on the mend. Please take it easy, but I do like your priorities - on the horse before you I'm hoping to be back on board soon - down quite a few more kilos than when you saw me last, so all going really well there. Let me know if there is anything I can help out with.

sally said...

Never mind the trek ....I mite not be making it either. My DAd is still in Hospital and I'm running the farm.Up to my eyeballs in cows, sheep and fixing troughs.You'll have to come for a long weekend of Naki riding when you are better!