Friday, January 27, 2012

6 weeks and hospital discharge!

So I had to rethink the 6 week goal, which was to get back on a horse, after some friends and my husband thought this not such a great move.
But I did go for a drive to Raglan so that will have to do instead. The seatbelt was a bit irritating so I won't be going far just yet but another thing ticked off the list.

Had my 6 week follow up and x ray appointment at hospital during the week also. Everything healing as well as can be expected so am now officially discharged from the hospital.
Doctors comments "you've copped a decent sort of a bash and will be fragile for a while yet"

Lucky and her foal are now down in Taumaranui with Chanelle. We will go back and get her foal probably about the end of March.
He did amazingly well and handled the trip without a moments fuss. Helped no end I am sure by Lucky being so easy and well travelled herself.

Tomorrow marks 7 weeks. We are going riding with friends as a test to see how strong I am and just how much riding I can cope with.

Had a bit of a sit and a small wander on Trix yesterday and have to admit to feeling a bit vulnerable.
In saying that though, I felt vulnerable walking down a corridor in the hospital 2 days ago with people coming towards me on my sore side. Concrete pills required ;-)

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