Friday, December 2, 2011

Today was my turn day

Some days you just know from the beginning are going to be days where changes are made.

This morning, I put my big girl boots on, and did something I should have done quite a while ago. If friends really are friends, they will accept what you say, even though they may not like it, because it comes from the heart and is not said to hurt. Although an ego may have been somewhat....dented.

If the outcome is not what I intended, then I have to live with it. It was the right thing to do, of that I am sure.

Today was also significant, today I was riding Juno for the first time. Bryan rode her out first (photo above) and then it was back to the round pen for my turn.
I was a bit nervous to be honest! So very different mucking around at home to having someone watch your every move!!

And I have developed some horrible habits while wandering around the country. Time for some lessons I think!

But it was all good. I survived the spook when we first entered the arena. The sleeping cattle beast just needed a watchful eye apparently. After that it was all good.

One more ride tomorrow under the watchful eye of Bryan and then Juno comes home with us.

Thank you to Michele for the photos.


Ruffles said...

You and Juno look great. You must be so excited for him to come home.

Waterford Estate said...

She looks absolutely fantastic Sharon. And boy do I know how you feel when you say you were nervous. It can be a lonely place up on a breaker! I look forward to more updates as your partnership progresses :o)

FeetNZ said...

Looking awesome Sharon!!!