Saturday, December 3, 2011

Solo day today :)

 Today was the last day with Bryan. I had to do  a solo with him observing and correcting me along the way.
I've been catching her and saddling her up during the week but then he takes over and does the work.

Bridling is a bit of an issue with me not being able to reach very high and Juno with a habit of a very high head carriage.
I don't do bribes with the horses unless I am really stuck but Bryan made me think of it more as a reward, so that when Juno is asked to lower her head, which she does well, then to reward her for the behaviour with a piece of carrot can speed the process up. 
It's a reward to release the pressure of course but carrot can be an added incentive.

 I will change the way I think about food around the horses :-)
 Juno was a good pony and cooperated well for me. We were allowed to go down to the paddock after a few minutes in the round pen.

 We did a bit of trot and even managed to raise enough speed for canter. I noticed today that I am actually smiling in this photo below.  That's a whole new feeling.

But wow am I unfit. I know we have managed a few rides of late but those 8 months of not riding much at all have had an effect.

Seeing these pictures make me realise just how far I have come in recent times. Me, on a newly broken in horse, cantering out in a paddock. Hopefully all those nerves and fears have gone for good.


sally said...

Oh wow how awesome and brave of you. I did my first farm ride on Eve today and like you I have ridden for months either. I really noticed how unfit I had got. Eve is probably a month ahead of Juno in the riding scheme of things. She had been backed when I got her and that was it so I have had to be really brave to get on and get out there. I must admit sometimes it is nerve wracking. All the best and looks like you have a lovely looking horse under you and lovely to see the smile!!

Sharon said...

Thanks Sally! I will be following you and Eve along the journey. It is nerve wracking but greatly rewarding when it all goes well ;-)

Ruffles said...

Juno is such a lovely boy. I love the last photo, it looks like you are having heaps of fun.