Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's been all go lately!

There's been a fair bit going on lately.  Juno has been spending time at Cambridge learning to be a riding horse.

I've been travelling to Cambridge each day to watch the proceedings and so that I can learn about Juno.

She is in the capable hands of Bryan Mc Vicar and today she had her first ride out in the paddock.

It took a bit too wind her up into a canter but she really enjoyed being out of the hot and dusty arena I think.

Over the weekend, we did a small trek locally. I rode Trix and lead Chief. He was all saddled up and looking pleased to be out and about again. He was super to lead and never caused any trouble.  It was REALLY windy at times and I am sure I am missing about 5 layers of skin! Talk about wind burn!! I don't remember the last time I was that red.

Anyway, once we got home again, a few friends had also come to stay after the trek, we re saddled Chief and I had a short ride around in the yards at home. 

The next day, Chief got himself a new set of front shoes and I dug out my brave pants and went riding with a group of friends.
It was like looking down on a bulls neck from up on Chief! He was super pumped and tight and his neck was short and thick. After 3 hours though it had stretched to a normal size again and was a lot less tense!

I am super proud of him. It's been 9 long months since he was ridden and he handled himself like the serious wee horse he is.

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