Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not my best year.............

2011 has thrown up more challenges than I really wanted and it hasn't finished yet.

Last Saturday, 3 of us headed off for a normal farm ride. Without going into too many details, I got into trouble very quickly on the unpredictable Chief and this time it ended badly.

My memory is sketchy at best of events but it involved an ambulance ride to hospital.

I have multiple rib fractures, a collarbone broken in 2 places,  bruised and collapsed lung and bruises that are amazing, especially as I don't normally bruise very much.
There was some concern over my left hand but it is just heavily bruised.

So after 8 days in hospital, taking in some heavy duty drugs, I have been home for a few days now and am starting to feel a wee bit more comfortable.

Chief was gone by the time I got home, to the one person I would trust with him. I truly believe he is grass effected but know that he will not trust me again and I will never be sure of him either. 

So stay safe everyone, enjoy the holiday break and roll on 2012 aye


kezza said...

Jeeze Sharon, you dont do things by half!!! So glad that you are feeling better, I hope you recover quickly and get to enjoy the sport we all love so much.

FeetNZ said...

So glad you're back home and on the road to recovery. I wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. After this year, I am sure that the gods will smile on you and bring you the very best for 2012. You're a special person and deserve the very best!

Ruffles said...

Oh Goodness. I hope you heal up soon, That sounds very painful.