Thursday, December 8, 2011

Juno goes to the big kids school

After removing Miss Juno from the paddock full of lush green grass, yesterday the sweet, submissive pony returned.
We only did a short ride as things were going so well that I didn't want to push it.

So this afternoon, I pulled on my new 'brave boots', loaded her in the float and headed to Waikato Equestrian Centre for an afternoon lesson with the adult riding club.
There are a few members on youngsters so it seemed as good a time as any but I guess, 2 weeks under saddle is a bit more challenging.

There was quite a bit of activity with horses going around all over the place. A western show is being held over the weekend and people have turned up early and were working in their horses. I was a wee bit concerned but in all honesty, Juno behaved like a star.
She was sensible and tried hard. We didn't get much of a canter out of her but she was getting pretty tired at that point.


sally said...

well you are doing better than me on the young horse front. My brave boots are a bit hard to pull on at the moment ....working on it though

Sharon said...

It's never easy is it Sally.

Ruffles said...

Good boy Juno :)