Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trix and Busy

Trix was an angel for the vet who did her teeth. 
Can't say I am too impressed by the small amount of work that went on, and no doubt the account will be substantial but al least I know she can get the value from the feed she is being given. 
He commented about the big cataract in her eye (truck accident about 10 yrs ago) and said she would be pretty much totally blind in that eye.  Amazing how well they compensate as you really don't know most of the time.

Busy looked to be coming in season as expected so today I took her to meet with TnT Drum Roll. Tonight I received an email, complete with photos!! showing a well behaved wee mare and a very happy stallion.  Never had the news announced with pictures before. 

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sally said...

Ooohhh TNT Drum Roll ....he is rather nice. Cant wait to see that foal