Monday, November 7, 2011

Guess what we did in the weekend?

Trix and I went trekking at Omahu Valley for the weekend. It was awesome to be planning a weekend away with friends again.

It's a quirky kind of place with the owners personal touch setting the scene.

So neat to meet up with old friends and meet some new ones. Jan took her big camper/truck so we had extra comfortable accommodation which is something you could get a bit used to!

The shed where the meals are served is a place you could spend hours looking round. So many layers of collected items. A unique kind of a place.

Saturday started with a bush ride up the old mail trail. The bush is beautiful but I didn't get too much time to look around.
Trix was pulling like a train and super keen but it was nose to tail kind of stuff for the first while and it took some concentrating.
I have only ever ridden her in a halter or super soft bosal and she is usually super easy but it seems she can get very strong in a group. Of course I have very little strength right now which didn't help.

The group split just before lunch and we went down another bush track to the river. It was quite technical in places. Zig zagging round trees, ploughing through some very deep and thick mud, up and down some steep pieces.
One horse went down and took some time to be recovered. Susan and Millie had a real close call when Millie lost confidence at a tricky spot and I bashed my knee on a tree when Trix zagged instead of zigging.

It might have been a better option for me to have gone with the other group but hey, we made it through.
I thought it was quite a big deal as I don't know Trix that well yet. I haven't ridden her that many times and certainly not in places like that. I wished for a bridle and some better control but she was very safe and confident.
After a lunch break we went up to a look out spot. It was so windy that we barely stopped at all and headed for some shelter.
I snapped a few quick pics before we motored off.

Trix still pulling like the proverbial train, me getting really tired and achey, I opted to go down the road instead of the bush track.

She jigged and paced (horrible rough gait) and I got kind of determined that I had to get some control or our next ride might not be much better.

It was a real battle of wills with me stopping her every time she broke out of a walk and that was after about 5 strides. We were going no where very fast.

But eventually she got the message and got into her walk which really covers the ground and finally the jarring stopped.

After dinner that night a couple of country music singer's provided the entertainment for the evening.
I was shattered and didn't stay up too long. Most unusual for me!
Sunday morning I borrowed a bridle for madam. Never having ridden her in one and knowing that her previous owner didn't either, I was not sure what to expect but thankfully it was fine.
And we had a really pleasant ride over some interesting farmland and then some more bush. A few technical bits and what a difference it was to not be swinging on her for control.
And we finished with the bush that I missed on the day before so got home very happy and super tired.

Tomorrow Trix has a date to get her teeth seen too. She needs to put on some more weight and is now eating a good amount of hard feed.

I was told she had an attitude and I think I might have experienced it on the weekend. But it's well and truly balanced with some real good sense and that saved the day.


sally said...

glad you survived the ride ...sounds a bit tricky in places. How is the body now??? ....and the shoulder??

Sharon said...

The body is doing ok Sally. Thanks for asking. Shoulder is ok too. Not great ok :)