Sunday, July 17, 2011


What to say!

Another wet, miserable winter's week. Another funeral featured in my life. The death of my Dad's aunty helped me discover a friend is actually Dad's cousin. Confused???

My uncle Terry lives in Raglan township. Occasionally we talk about stuff. Sometimes trivial stuff but then other times it's really interesting things about the family of which I realise I know so very little.

He knows it interests me so when Ivy ----- died, he let me know that this was an uncle to him, Dad and their siblings of course.

He mentioned that Ivy had a sister still alive called Daphne -----, and that she lived around Pukekohe area he thought.

Too much of a coincidence I thought that Mark who I met horse trekking quite a few years ago shares the same surname?
Absolutely not. Turns out the Mark is a cousin to Dad, not that any of them knew each other.

And on the subject of funerals. There is another tomorrow of a lovely local woman who has passed way too early. Thoughts are with her family.

Too wet to do much horsey stuff. Lucky is home now so she can get some good feed into her in the important last 3 months before foaling.
Juno is keeping her company and they are getting along just fine. Lucky can be a cantankerous old bag but I do love her.

Simon is still being an absolute Treasure. I have not been around such a sweet natured horse in a very long time.

The old pack saddle is in town at the saddlers being fitted for it's new packs. This is exciting! I have wanted to do a ride and take a Pack Horse for ages now. Not that I am going to be able to lead it. That is going to have to be someone else's responsibility thanks to my 2 bung arms :(

Took myself back to the Doctor during the week. On anti inflamatories again and booked for physio tomorrow. Trying to sort out whats wrong with my left arm BEFORE it turns into something major.

I have been spending lots of time walking at the beach with my young dog Panda. It is wonderful watching her grow in confidence.
A month ago she never left my side but now she is happy to bounce off around the sand dunes, run around in the long grass and have some fun. It's kind of like watching a young horse gain life experience I guess. I have never been a 'dog person' as such. Always spent more time with the horses but I am enjoying watching her develop and grow in character.

Have a good week everyone.


sally said...

Hey there ...hope you are surviving the wet wild winter so far. I like the idea of your new dog joining you on the beach.Long walks along the sand are wonderful aren't they!. Anyway take care of you and that shoulder

Sharon said...

We have had 2 glorious, sunny winter a row! The world feels right again ;-) But it is oh so very wet here still.