Monday, July 11, 2011

Sorry, it's been a while

Winter, rain, rain and more rain. Followed by spectacular lightning displays, some thunder and a whole lot of wind.

I am getting cabin fever. It happens every year. Too wet to go out walking around home so I have been taking my dog and heading to the beach for some long and contemplative walks.

Something about water stirs my brain. The shower is my regular 'thinking place' and it seems the beach is also and yet I don't consider myself a beach/water person as such.

The DVD of the last Great NZ Trek has arrived and I have watched it twice now at home with friends.
It is awesome and it's cool to see how she is capturing the characters of people more as time goes by.
Great looking back again on a ride that I did in a drug induced haze, thanks to all the pain killers I was taking to get by.

And today we watched last years as well (very wet rainy day) it has a cool segment of Summer walking quietly through the bush that I love seeing. Breaks my heart too every time I see it now.

Recently I went to see Summer's baby sister who used to be mine also. Dream came to live here when she was just 5 months old. She grazed with Summer and it now so much like her big sister that it is rather strange to watch.
She too is palomino, similar height and build and has so many of Summer's mannerism's???Is that what you would call them??
Nice to see her though and all part of some healing process I seem to be needing.

Chief has turned into a total blimp. Talk about a chunky monkey. He is uncovered, looks like a brumby with a tangled mane and mud everywhere but he is well and looks great.

New pony Juno is filling out. She has lots of that to do still and might end up being a decent size. She is testing me though.
When we viewed her she was standing happily tied up to string and I totally believe Anna who told me she ties up well because I saw it.
But we tied her up here last weekend and she had several goes at pulling back. So she spent quite a bit of time that weekend (the one fine one in a few weeks) tied up.
Strange person that I am. I am quite liking it that she is testing me. She is smart and I like that.

On a good note I suppose, I actually tied the rope halter on her and Chief all by myself. I can actually reach that high albeit for a very short time. This is progress.
Not progress is the soreness in my good arm still.......

Simon (the standy gelding we acquired a few weeks back) blew a massive abscess last week. And it really was massive! Poor horse, no wonder he wasn't keen to move on the track. That has to have been brewing for some time.
It blew out the top of his hind heel. Pus running down his foot while he rested it.
He is a sweet, lovely boy who we are keeping for a while. I suspect he is going to be a real treasure.

And the wee filly who I love for her braveness, spunk, cheek and fast walk, we are putting in foal to TNT DrumRoll. She is just turning 3 yrs old so after foaling we can back her and find her a home. I haven't named her yet as I can't find quite the right name for her. Any suggestions?

Today we went to yet another funeral. There seems to have been a lot in the past year. We are getting to an age when people around us are getting old and some are just sick.
54 yrs is way to young for a man who lived life and worked hard.

RIP Graham, we will miss your sarcastic sense of humour and your kindness. You were an inspiration for many and your determination to live every day to the fullest is something I will not forget.

And a foot note to that.
Not taking anything away from religious people, I am making it clear to one and all. If you make it to my funeral, which I hope is NOT for a VERY long time, please, no prayers, no hymns, and no catholic priest who never really knew me.

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