Friday, May 27, 2011


This year has bought about so many changes. Not just for me with all that has happened but for many of my friends also. Times have been tougher than tough for some. I can tell by the number of posts ;-) but I thank them for sharing their world with me.

I know for sure, that I am not the same person I was last year. It's not a case of being a better or worse person, but life's twists and turns have a way of shaping us.

Learning to cope with this injury that plagues me still, has reminded me about patience, acceptance and resourcefulness as well as appreciation of how good my life truly is.

And the loss of Summer, well I haven't worked out yet what the lesson is in that, or have I and the lesson is to appreciate what you have, while you have it because it can be snapped away from you faster than you ever know.

Still it doesn't stop me from wanting more. There is so much more out there still, to do, to see, places to go and of course more friends to make. So maybe I didn't learn my lessons well enough yet as I am still trying to be a "human doing" instead of a "human being".

But today I am reminded of just how fragile life is, with the news of the death of a person in our community. And that just makes me want to get out now and do something.

And a person who is close to us and has a huge influence over our lives here, is sick in hospital presently with the attitude that his life is nearly over. He seems to have just given up on living and has lost his will to fight for life.

And then there is the brave young woman about to have a life changing operation that really will alter her life for ever.
And it all makes me want to grab life with both hands and hang on tight because we are only hee for a short time, so I for one, am going to make it a good time.

Here are some photos of the new all rounder pony in my life. Viking Thundercat, aka Juno is a rising 3 yr old 1/2 Welsh cob by the delightful Welsh cob stallion, Arawa Romeo from Viking Koru. Ru as she is known, is part Gisborne Bred and I think some Percheron.

Juno learning to live with her new mates

My very feral looking Chief who is getting smarter by the day.

And Juno again. So nice having a well socialised horse that fits right into a herd situation. There are 4 of them in the paddock and it's great to watch the interaction.

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KA said...

Life is just so fragile isn't it?! And so so precious :o) Live and Love chick, that's all there is...