Monday, May 23, 2011

Juno arrives tomorrow

I have a new pony to play with. A chain of events that were not planned. Isn't that often how things happen?

There is a Welsh Cob stallion called Arawa Romeo that I have known of since he was a newly weaned foal basically.
In an ideal world, Summer would have had a foal to him but that was never meant to happen obviously. But it didn't stop me watching his progress to an adult ridden stallion and thinking just how gorgeous he was.

A person I have known slightly for a few years now, was in the enviable position of breeding her really good mare to "Henry" as he is known. So I have beem able to watch the progress of baby Juno, otherwise known as Viking Thundercat, for the past 2 1/2 years.

Anna who owned Juno, has put her up for sale a few times since she was weaned, but never did actually let anyone come to view her, and I often did wonder what might become of her. Anna does TV work (horses in Shortland St) as well as ad's and other promotional type work with all her horses, and I thought that Juno looked a bit out of place amongst her team of Grey's.

So, 2 weeks ago, on a Friday, I received an Email asking if I might be considering buying another horse after the loss of Summer.
Anna said she had watched what I did with our horse's and would love to ride around the country the way we did.
She also said that every time she thought of who might be the best person for Juno, my name came into her head and would I be interested in meeting Juno and seeing if we got along.

We headed to Auckland the very next day and spent time with Juno and Anna's delightful foals. The rest they say is history.

So tomorrow morning, Juno will arrive in Raglan. while I am wanting to look forward to it, (and I am looking forward to having her), there is still a great sadness, (and now I am crying) that I have replaced Summer. So very worried that I won't give myself to Juno 100% because of how raw the loss of Summer still is


sally said...

Oh gosh I have just been reading your blog and had no idea that Summer had got into trouble health wise. So much love and support being sent your way. What you have gone through making such heart wrenching decisions is tough. By the sounds of things it was the right decision but I know you had been through so much with Summer. I know at time she was difficult but it seemed in the end you were getting your head around her. She will always be with you and now another journey to look forward to. Your new baby sounds fun.I look forward to seeing some pictures

Sharon said...

Thanks Sally. Not been the greatest of years.
I hope things improve for you soon too. Best wishes. Sharon