Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The bit of colour in my life

It's about the most colourful thing happening around here presently. This is the bruise on my arm, 9 days after being bitten by unhappy horse.

I have never been bitten very often. The occasional nip, from someone being cheeky but rare to get a full, mouth open bite.

Not much else going on. Next years trek date has been set already. Something to dream about over the dreary months of winter. It's quite cool here this morning. We pulled our curtains last night for the first time since last winter. A sign of things to come.

Chief's back profile is being done so should have some saddle tree's to try on him soon. Nice to have a project like that to work on while I can't ride.
He is getting over a snotty nose bug, and Summer who always takes ages to get well, is not quite right herself yet.
Seems alright but has a but of odd breathing going on if you listen hard. Also notice she doesn't whinny out properly still. Sounds husky like a smokers voice almost.

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