Friday, April 8, 2011

Another new saddle...

Boredom can be a good thing?

Chief has a saddle being made for him after a lengthy conversation with the saddler yesterday. He sent me some photos, of saddles he had in stock that would be good fits for Chiefy but I just wasn't all that happy with them. One particularly beautiful looking saddle really caught my eye.
But the practicalities of having a saddle with lovely carving that is going to get clogged with mud and dust, well I don't mind cleaning gear but hey I don't want to be a slave to it!

So we chatted and a compromise was found. Plain western saddle, short skirt for my short backed pony, short fenders for my short legs (sensing a theme here), suede seat for more security and a breastplate to match.
No just to wait for him to make it. Not that there is a hurry, I can't ride still and have Summer's new saddle sitting in our lounge thats never been ridden in properly yet. One day...............

A friend asked me recently if I had been on the Waikato River walk? Well yes but on a horse!!!!
So on Monday we headed in to town and walked for 2 hours around a loop that covers both sides of the Waikato river. A whole new way of seeing the world.

I walk quite regularly at home with my dogs but never along the nice smooth footpaths these walking tracks have. It is so much easier than traipsing around the hills on cattle tracks.

While reading the newspaper I spotted an ad for a Fun Run & Walk around the Hamilton 400 race track. So guess what we are doing on Sunday. A couple of friends have even opted to join me when I mentioned what I was going to do. The more the merrier aye!

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