Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mokau again

Another view of the Mokau Bridge

The weekend away at Mokau was a great success. Apart from me not riding of course. Susan decided that it was worth not having me on a horse as I could then take photos of everyone. She seemed pleased with the results.
I managed to fill my time on Saturday by wandering the streets and ratting around in the museum. Pretty neat place as far as museum's go. All totally local items. Then I got in the ute and made my way up to the lunch break area.
Took a few photos but got quite a few awesome ones like the one above as they all came up the road.

Harry did well. He was totally unflustered about being in the camping ground as you can tell! Mokau is so laid back and relaxed. Not many places would have 5 horses in their camping ground.

Such a good natured horse. Hardly ever saw him with his ears in any other position than forwards.

Sunday morning at the camp ground

Sunday I was invited out on the river cruise. The sun had come out and I have to say it was a really enjoyable experience!! I totally recommend it to anyone. Mokau river was once a thriving highway and the history of what happened on the river is amazing.

Here is a link to the Whittakers website. www.mokauriver.co.nz
Go and have a look and think seriously about taking the tour some time. You won't be disappointed.
They have a link on that site to a Facebook page also. There are more photos on the Facebook page.

Other news, well Harry is now named Luke and is owned by Nicqui from Auckland. We hope to keep in touch with them and to have them here to ride sometime.

And as for me, well I am trying to keep busy and focused on what I can do and not what I can't.
Had a crash and burn after Mokau. Ran out of Anti Inflamatories and didn't think I needed them anymore. After all I had been taking the for close to 8 weeks.
Seems I did need them still and I am still trying to catch up on the lost sleep.

On Sunday, while I was innocently sitting on the tail gate of our ute, watching a horse being shod, I got bitten by said horse.
Totally out of the blue, she had stood there like a lamb the entire time and he was onto the last leg. As it was lifted and pulled out behind the horse, she reacted and grabbed my right (sore) arm.
So now I have a decent bruise and small haemotoma adding to the discomfort of that arm. And I have to say, it's damned sore.

Great explaining that to the physio next day. She already thinks I am completely mad. Her first response was "what was I doing anywhere near a horse" which is kind of sad.

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KA said...

As usual, some GORGEOUS photos Sharon!!! Hope the arm is healing up and that the bruise at least has gone :o)