Monday, March 14, 2011

Handsome Harry

I forgot to mention that Harry is a standardbred. Although most of you would have realised that.
Registered name of "Atta Boy Josh" but his record as a race horse is dismal.

Cool horse though. Taking his new life as a hack all in his stride.
Second ride yesterday and he was happily wandering around the 8 acre house paddock like a seasoned riding horse.
Had his front shoes changed and was an absolute gentleman. Holding up his own feet whenever approached. Cute!

Harry is going trekking this weekend over the hills at Mokau. I am going but won't be riding. Thats a first for me. Will take the camera and be camp mother. Lots of alcohol is likely to be needed to keep me is some sense of a good mood. Can see me not liking being left behind to keep the camp tidy.

The mares are getting over their colds. Summer has hardly any voice and makes a pitiful whinnying sound when she see's me. But she seems well enough so not worrying about her.

I've been in a bad mood most of the day. Started with a stupid internet game about fruit. Can't believe my over reaction to it. Oh well could be the day for it.

Really wanting to go and ride but know that it is not an option right now. Didn't help being reminded that I am looking at 18 mths to be right.
Trying very hard to be my normal optimistic self but someone seems to have put a sneeky hole in my glass and it's not half full anymore.

Going to Dean's tomorrow to take photos of more lovely horses. Hoping I can hold the camera up to make a decent job of it. Will be a nice distraction anyway.

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