Thursday, January 27, 2011


Haven't felt like doing much blogging this week. No positive news to report on really apart from the fact that I have some of the bestest friends anyone could ever have.

I went for the scan on my shoulder 2 days ago. When the person doing the scanning asked if I had been x-rayed yet, I knew things were not looking great at that point.

This afternoon I have to go back to the physio and I guess will hear the outcome of the scans and x -rays. I was shown the tendon tear that showed clearly on the scan and the mass that is either a lot of scar tissue or a bone chip, hence the x-ray. I have really made a mess of things this time. A nice clean break would have been so much better if it had to happen.

My dear friend Jan has offered me the wonderful Shadow for the Great NZ Trek if needed. Isn't that the nicest thing!
She has organised to borrow back Nugget who she had for a while for herself so that I could still do the trek and be on a horse who will allow me to get on and off wherever I need to as well as take care of me.

Chief went back to Pop yesterday just for an hour. I wanted him to get Chief's confidence back with the getting off business as he was so spooked after last weeks incident.
I have to say that it was reassuring to see the normal Chief again. It took all of about 30 seconds for Chief to work out that he was supposed to be standing still again. Nice to see earlier lessons with me doing the same thing had been cemented into his memory after all.

Makes me more sure now that he was just high on crazy grass last week. He has been locked up with Summer on the rough hillside eating long rank grass mixed with all sorts of wonderful weeds and other goodies.

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