Saturday, January 29, 2011

ho hum

I am booked to see a specialist. Apparently tendons don't reattach themselves very well if at all without surgery and I have a reasonable sized tendon tear :(
Along with something called a Bursa which is very painful I am told.......ya reckon!

First appointment available is while the trek is on so I won't be getting fixed for some time obviously as I am going trekking of course.

While I am still wanting to ride my own horse, of course, there is still the option to borrow Shadow if I don't think I can cope with Chief. But I am so determined to be on that trek, with Chief that I am even taking the anti inflammatory tablets that make me feel so awful. That and the twice daily icing routine. Not normally known for following doctors orders that well.........

Meanwhile I am trying to keep busy doing other stuff. Frustrating though. Even the computer is difficult and I only manage short bursts.
Still have managed 8 pages for the HORSE club newsletter though and some other stuff.

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