Friday, January 21, 2011

OK so it's not that horsey

Old kitchen removed showing water damage behind the old bench

But while I am supposedly having a quiet day. Here's the photos of the kitchen make over. For the past 10 years we have had a fridge in our dining room.
It was a bit annoying but I am not in the house more than I have to be so it was put up with.
The discussion with our farm owner one day, re the next 10 yrs, had me stamp my feet and ask if we could do some work on the 32 yr old kitchen.

Old units outside

New units being put in place

Hole cut in wall for the fridge, YAY! For those that haven't been in this house, it is the weirdest design. I mean who builds a kitchen and doesn't leave room for a fridge!

New pantry
The all important fridge space all lined and ready to go
Units almost complete
Space for the dishwasher
Fridge installed in it's new space. Not the ancient wallpaper that was uncovered. It matched beautifully with the orange flowery formica bench top.

Still waiting for the bench top so we have no sink. Washing dishes in the laundry as the dishwasher isn't back in yet either. Lucky it's summertime!

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sally said...

yay for the new kitchen but bummer about the body. Yikes ....hope its not too bad and you can get back in the saddle ok