Thursday, December 2, 2010

sometimes I think I get it right

I can't believe I actually considered taking Chief to Waiouru earlier this week. Just because Summer had coughed twice one morning.

Tonight he exhibited exactly why that decision to NOT take him was the right one.

Charlie heads off on 4X4 bike to find Chief and Sooty who graze together in a fairly large paddock.
Chief is well used to this routine and now (usually) heads straight for home and into the yard. No chasing is required as he has learnt from the others that this is what you do.

However, Miss Sooty had other idea's and is apparently right up there in the cunning section along with Chiefy boy who was described as a Feral F**ker.
They went round and up and down having a blast out smarting the bike and the increasingly angry Charlie.
And then for some bizarre reason (no one was anywhere near him) Chief tried to jump the fence into our house section.
Now Chief has tried jumping the yard fences a few times when feeling like he was under pressure but he has zero talent when it comes to jumping and tonight was no different.
He even managed to fall back into the 1/2 drum (Blue 200 L drum cut in half) we fill for water for them.

Can you imagine him at Waiouru when the wild colts came to hang around like they often do. Zip zip zoom and bye bye Chief. Assuming of course there wasn't much of a fence in his way, and there usually is nothing more than an electric wire. But seeing Chief's lack of talent, he would probably take the whole fence down and let all the horses out.
Best he not got to Waiouru yet.

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sally said...

hahahha this post gets all sorts of mental picture forming. Dont you hate the horses that try to out smart you!!!