Wednesday, December 1, 2010

catching up

Today was Ian's funeral. As far as funeral's go, it was one of the better one's I've been too. No minister trying to fill in the gaps of a life he knows nothing about. A celebration of his life and he had made the most of it.
He will be missed by many.

On the home front, we have 3 working turbines on the hill above. They are creating enough power for 1200 homes we are told. By the end of March there are supposed to be 28 of them.
It has become seriously dry. After such a wet winter, it just stopped raining altogether it seems and the situation is not a good one.

We are preparing for our annual trip to Waiouru. Normally I would be super excited about this but memories of what happened while we were away last year haunt me. I try to not live in the past but it's a hard one to escape right now. Lots of advice from people and I am listening. Can't help the odd meltdown though.

Summer appears to be OK. Was worrying I would have to drag Trapper out of the paddock to go to Waiouru. He is not fit and it would not be an easy weekend for him so Summer better stay healthy!!!!

And of course all this has me thinking about Chief again. Why is it that such a funny wee horse has captured my heart like he has.
Many people have suggested I give up on him, too old, too set in his ways but that has made me more determined to get there with him.
Today he was heaps better again. I have booked him into Bush school version 2 next week. This one is just up at Huntly so not so far from home. I can make the effort to go and watch progress with him and be part of it which I will enjoy more.
He is so trusting of me now. It makes me smile. He will follow me anywhere I take him, and allow me to attach some very strange objects to him. All in the name of desensitizing. I strongly suspect he could easily become a one person horse. And I adore him for it.

Always up for a challenge, thats me! And the challenge this weekend is to have a great time and not worry about what might be happening at home. After all, once trust has gone, is there anything left?

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