Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amazing how quickly things change

After 3 very less than average rides on Chief, today came as a bit of a surprise!

He has started the moving sideways as you go to get on thing, that all newly broken in's seem to do at some stage. At one point there, I thought that was todays lesson as he was fairly persistent. But stand still he did eventually, so we rode off at a lovely calm and steady walk.
He was so settled that I took him almost straight out into the big paddock again.

We had one small discussion over who does decide which way we are going, and then we continued in our calm and steady walk. I was soooo tempted to push him into his amble at that point but know it would have ruined everything we've been working on so kept myself under control. And then got off. Finish on a good point before anything goes wrong.

What a difference!!!! Long may it last!


sally said...

Well I just love your new look for your blog ......I thought it was interesting about your comments regarding horsey people away from there horses.....Does make you think. As for Christmas just let it come ....eat something yummy....hug someone lovely and thank those above that you live in a gorgeous part of the world with the chance to spend it with horses. As a kid christmas wasn't complete with out a ride.....so go for a ride too. The new year will bring new challenges and stresses as life does ...but its not here yet so enjoy the rest of the year.I have so enjoyed reading your blog over the past year and hope you keep it going .Its always nice to know there are other normal horse people out there just quietly doing there thing. Happy Days!!

Sharon said...

Laughing out loud at you "normal" comment Sally :-)