Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is it the time of the year?

So it's nearly Christmas apparently. Not something I have much enthusiasm for as most people who know me are aware of.

We had a Christmas Dinner/night out for our adult riding club last night, which provided an insight into what some of these people we spend time with are really like when you get them away from a horse.
Would we choose to spend time with them if they didn't ride? For most of them I doubt it but then you have to have a common interest that brings you together, don't you?

Lots of people seem to be evaluating their lives right now and saying things like, next year I will change this or I can't wait till next year, surely things will get better then.
Why is it we have to wait till next year? Or even next week before we start changing our attitudes to whatever it is we feel wrong with our lives. Why not just start now. If you can't change a situation your not happy with, then change your attitude towards it.

On the horse front, I have been riding Chief every day. I can't say I feel like things are improving though. After the first good ride at home, the next one was awful. It was windy here and he had been stressed all day. Pacing around the place. He is normally up tight anyway but just really over the top this day.
I rode him till I got him to settle, then got off before he could wind himself up again.

Yesterday he was better and then he begins to get bored, tired, I don't know but he starts taking control and gets a wee bit cranky when made to go where I want him too. He even has a bit of a squeal which is bizarre. So again as soon as things start to go right after a bad patch, I get off.
He might only be a little dude but when your on him he feels like he is huge. Such a power pack of a horse.
I am going to try giving him some Valerian to take the edge off him. He has so much nervous energy all the time, it must be exhausting to be him.
I keep telling myself that for the last 6 1/2 years he has done just what he wanted to all day, every day and he will take some adjusting to his new life.

Why can't I be happy with some normal quiet horse? Why do a need to keep challenging myself? And for that matter, why can't I be happy with my life in general?
Maybe it will all change in the New Year.............................................

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