Monday, October 11, 2010

Trapper and his sore leg

Some horses are just right royal goobers.

Trapper's leg appeared to be healing OK and then on Saturday evening we spotted him rarking up the stud bulls in his paddock. Obviously there was more going on in the wound than we realised as the next morning it had burst open and looked a bit yuck.

We poulticed it but of course the bandage only stayed up for 2 hrs. Went out and realigned it all to try to keep it covered up.
This morning of course it was down around his fetlock and he was ripping round the yard he was in. Fool!
Charlie let him out in the paddock and he went full gallop to the top of the hill bucking and twisting like Trapp does. Big fool!!

Vet has been and cleaned it up again, and now its got good sticky elastoplast on it. He is on restricted movement for a couple of days still, more just so that the bandage stays in place than anything.

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