Saturday, October 9, 2010

Think Pink

Pink Ribbon day yesterday. The horses are becoming a familiar sight around town now.

Back in the winter, I bought an oldish set of sleigh bells in an auction. They were very rusty and the leather strap was completely had it, but I took the time to clean them up.
So without thinking too much about it, yesterday I attached them to Summer's breastplate. I did give them a bit of a shake and though it was a bit quiet and no one was going to hear them.
Was I wrong!!
Here's a very short clip of what they sound like Summer and her noisy Sleigh Bells

Summer listening to the beeping on the pedestrian crossing

What a good pony. I do ask a lot of her some days. The bells were a success but after 6 hrs of them, we were well and truly over them, LOL
At one point, Jan suggested a bit of a hoon down a grassy area. Hooning with saddle bags bouncing and bells ringing was all just too much for Summer. I managed to get her under control reasonably quickly but won't be trying that again!

Little girl offered her 1 blade of grass which she tried her best to eat politely

Loving my pony lots and lots right now. Sure she ain't perfect but mostly she does try very hard. and the rest..............well we will just keep working on that ;-)
One of the many photos that people take

We spotted a man with a large camera taking photos later in the day. A Waikato Times reporter who had seen us on the road. He said the photos would go in the pool but like always, it depends on what other news happened around the region as to whether they get published.


FeetNZ said...

She's a real Barbie pony all dressed up in pink. You must be so proud of her....good on you!! So happy you didn't sell her and that you're working through the wee issues. She is most definitely worth it!

and this is Summer said...

Now she just needs a Barbie to ride her ;-)

Waterford Estate said...

That's absolutely fantastic Sharon, you guys are such an inspiration :o)

sally said...

I'm sure you make a beautiful barbie. The plastic version is over rated any how .....and I love the sleighbell clip. What Stars!!!!!11