Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And life goes on

It's been a busy sort of a week so far. Had a great day in the sun jump judging for the horse trials on Sunday.
Managed to organise a Monday afternoon ride at the beach with a friend while I was there.

I thought it would be good to take Aisha along with Trapper, it's school holidays and she is keen to do more work with him.
However, when she caught him, he had a back leg covered in blood, swollen and sore.

It looks to me like he's had it in a fence somewhere. A couple of nasty cuts, right on the front of the hock joint. Awful place to have a wound of any kind.
He wasn't dead rotten lame so we decided a trip to the salt water would do more good than harm, we would just wander around in the water with him.
So we hosed off the worst of the blood and headed off, hoping it was the right decision.

We ended up spending close to 2 hrs, quietly wandering quietly round in the deeper pools of water. Swelling in the leg went right down and the wound was much cleaner. Feeling much happier.
I took him and Summer down there again yesterday and also today as well, on my own. Trapper on a lead. Not a great option with Summer as lead horse but it worked. The leg is still oozing fluid but no swelling has developed since and it's keeping clean. lets hope it heals nicely. It will be a while yet though. Still very sore and he's favouring it but I guess it could have been a lot worse.

Summer seems to be enjoying the change of scenery. She likes to meet up with any other horse that is on the beach but today it was just us. All of Raglan beach to ourselves practically. Only in NZ !

Friday is Pink Ribbon day. At least Summer is a whole lot cleaner than on previous days recently. But it sounds like we may get some rain again. Bit unfair, but its been a good week so I won't complain too loudly.

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sally said...

sorry to hear about the lame leg. Sea water is the best so sounds like you are onto a winner taking him down to the beach. Hasn't the weather been lovely for a change. The weekend isn't looking too good but at least we have had some sun