Saturday, October 2, 2010

Going's on

So far this week, I have ridden Summer 5 days out of 6. That seems pretty good considering I would have been lucky to ride her 6 days out of the previous 7 weeks!

Tomorrow I'm at the Horse trials all day. Volunteer jump judge. I hope it's not too windy.
Very much over the wind today after spending most of the day out in it.
4 hrs on top of the hill docking lambs this morning. Home for a thaw out session, off with Charlie to trim a couple of horses for a friend and then home to ride the wind.
Feeling very red and wind burnt tonight.

Misty (small white, noisey pony) has gone off this afternoon to a potential foster home. She is so much better again this week and should now just keep on improving. Fingers tightly X'd that it works out for her. I have become extremely attached (as you do) to her in the short time she has been here. Such a gentle, sweet natured wee pony.

I have another horse project in the making at present. More on that later. I'm bursting to tell everyone but will keep it quiet for a bit longer. Watch this space!

I have to report though, just how much I am enjoying riding Summer. Gone is the super spooky, highly reactive pony I have become used to. Still a bit girthy when first setting off and a bit nappy but after that, she just settles in and gets on with it.
I have changed her diet a tiny bit so it could be this or has she just started to grow up?

Unless I take her off the dietry changes, I won't know but I feel confident this is what is making the difference. is where the bulk of the information is coming from. I am a bit of a research nut (love the internet!) so have been checking other sources of info but this site has plenty to look at if others are interested.

Summer & Trapper had a visit with their usual Chiropractor last weekend. I was thoroughly told off.......again, for the way in which our horses are paddocked.
He does not approve of them being in large spaces and blames this for Summer always being "out" in the sacrum area.
Now if Summer was a mad galloping, hooning sort of a horse, skidding into fences etc which is what he says is going on, then I would be really happy about confining her to a small space. But she isn't so I don't get it.
The others can buck, rear, spin, slip and slide around the place but don't have her problem. So more investigation is needed I believe.
But for now, she is confined behind the electric fence in a small space. I promised I would give it a try but in my heart, I don't believe it is going to fix whatever is happening. But I will be very happy to be proven wrong.
I am going to get her seen to with the thermal imaging camera next time she's in the area, just to see if something can be sighted that we can't otherwise pick up.

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sally said...

Ooohhh am very interested to know what your next horse project is .....loved the picture in the magazine. You guys are quite the stars. Hope you managed to order a drink while you were in the bar.