Friday, October 15, 2010

Random moments in life

I've done some fairly random things in my lifetime, but today must really 'take the biscuit'.
Old memories were dragged back to the surface and a conversation that I have wanted to have for many years happened.
Such a strange thing to do on my part as I initiated it. Not known for my bravery, I am wondering what the heck happened and what can of worms did I just open.
Am I lacking excitement in my life, or do I need another challenge?

Because I haven't been going out to work as much as usual lately, it's meant I have been able to go out Docking in the morning, home for a late lunch and then off out to ride Summer.
It is great to be getting out so much. I took the camera yesterday for a change. Not very inspiring photos though.
It was a stunning clear day and Mount Taranaki was in clear view and sparking in the sunshine. Somehow though, I didn't get a photo of that. Cold tends to freeze your brain somewhat.

Ewes & lambs waiting. William, Murray and Ryan at the end of the pen

Ryan pushing them into the drafting race. The top of Karioi in the background.

Lambs with tails still

It was a windy day as you can tell by all the clothes we were wearing

Back in the paddock and mothering up again

There haven't been many Chief updates, I'm told. No docking today so I was able to go for a wander around the farm with a friend this morning. That meant I had time to work on Chief this afternoon. It's been a while so we started right back at the beginning again. He was fine so tomorrow we will try the driving reins and then just to get back on him. He is such a character and I am really fond of him but he's still Feral!
He certainly makes me think and that can only be a good thing this week.

And below is my lovely and not so tiny pup, Panda. She has wormed her way into our lives and taken over the furniture as you can see.


sally said...

Panda looks kinda cute as a lounge room decoration .....your lambs look good. We have finished the docking here too. I saw you horse on trade me.....any nibbles

and this is Summer said...

Not sure we really want to sell him (hence large price tag). Just putting it "out there" and seeing what happens.
He is a big solid plodder and not really going to suit me ever. I will need to carry a ladder round to get on!