Thursday, October 28, 2010

That Restless feeling

I have spent (read wasted) most of the day on the internet, researching saddles and saddle pads.

I am just not happy about whats still going on with Summer and her saddles. Being 1 inch higher at the croup than the wither makes for awkward fitting of anything it seems.
It shouldn't be that hard tough.................should it?

If it was an english saddle, you'd just put a good front raiser pad under it and go. I asked about saddle pads or custom fitted saddles on a horse forum today. They really just don't get the way we ride I think.
Great suggestions but hardly practical most of them for my situation.

Its this frustration that was one of the reasons I put her up for sale earlier in the year. Just so very sick of it.

Not keen to go down the road of a custom built saddle. Just seems impractical. Surely a decent saddle pad can be found? The skito pad she has under her treeless is good but not built up in front. I have sent many photos off to the makers (actually twice now) and while the pads come back and the bills get paid, the built downhill thing doesn't seem to be getting addressed.

Tomorrow I will go and ride with my ancient Pearce East, a basic blanket and a front raiser pad. I will hate it but she should be more comfortable at least.

I have been on Chief twice. Charlie leading me still. I just can't get myself brave enough to have a go on my own. Stupid me. In my defense though, he was really glassy eyed tonight and crapping like a cow. Too much spring grass?Chief in Summer's Treeless saddle

Chief is so good with me on the ground and to do most anything with. Even Charlie commented tonight how much he trusts me and how good I have him in all his work now. High praise from the man who never usually says anything!

Now where did I hide those brave pills.

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