Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Labour Weekend at Kaitieke

Friday lunchtime, we were all packed and ready to go. Looking forward to a fantastic weekend of sunshine, horses, trekking and friends.

It's been a while since I have gone off anywhere on my own and I was really looking forward to it.

The trip down there was good, Summer traveled well as always and it didn't take as long as I had though. Even better.

Friday evening was spent catching up with old trekking buddies and making new ones. I love how friendly everyone is at these things. Non competitive and all looking forward to having a great time.

Saturday's ride was a good one. Nice frost overnight and the promise of a stunning day. The ride was not too strenuous. Just a nice long ride really.
Summer pulled like a train for the first hour. She was really hyped and keen to get going. Rifle snorts and sideways jigging. Once she settled into her walk it was much more pleasant. I decided then she was going in a bridle the next day. No more rope halter until some manners are reestablished.

The word was the Sunday's ride was going to be a bit steeper though.

Sunday was another beautiful day. The mountains again looked amazing. And it was another great ride. Quite a bit steeper and a lot more hill climbing than the previous day. Plenty of sweaty horses.
Summer was much better in her bridle. Still a bit jiggy in places so I put her in behind some others and made her walk out properly.
This is one of the better rides I think I have had anywhere. Totally loved it! I can imagine it might have been a bit challenging if there had been some rain. Thank goodness for less than typical Labour weekend weather!

Back into camp and ashed summer down and let her into a taped off area for some grass. Gina and I watched her do something a bit odd in that she looked about to lay down but had both her front legs in an odd position. Then she got up and continued grazing normally.
About 40 minutes later though, I watched her stop eating, stagger a bit and then start pacing around the pen. She would curl, shudder, ears were back and not looking happy at all.
I went out and grabbed her before she could lay down, a woman washing her horse in the corner had seen me watching summer and had obviously realised what was going on too. She started shouting at me "she's going down, she' going to go down" Not helpful and I was already onto it, but she was panicking I think.

So I got Summer on a lead and took her out and walked her round. Then just as quick as it started, it appeared to stop. What a worry!
The lady from the next truck gave her a Bowen treatment which she seemed to enjoy.
I kept a close eye on her and while she seemed OK, she was not quite herself. So I decided not to do the small last day ride and to take her home. Didn't want to risk her going down in the float or anything.
Once she was home, she was horribly restless for most of the day. She does however appear to be in season now so that have something to do with it.
I have pulled out of the next ride I was booked to go on though. While most of the weekend was fantastic, I am annoyed about the movement that is happening with her saddle. The rough hair patches are all telling. Having to tighten the girth to try to keep the thing still has contributed to a couple of minor girth rubs too. No broken skin, just pink skin and rubbed hair.
Am so totally over this. It's been an ongoing issue for the past few years. Not helped by her being 1 inch higher at the croup than she is at the wither.

So I have come back knowing that I must get Chief out and about. A plan is in place for that. Please let it be the right thing.

Family frustrations still grating, no wonder I was so happy to be off on my own. Please let it be over soon.


sally said...

Wow what simple amazing photos. It looks like an awesome ride. What a bummer that Summer had colic looking issues at the ens. I hope she is all ok now. On the saddle front have you thought about trying one of those treeless saddles? ....I am having similar saddle issues with Maggie. My saddles dont seem to sit right either....isn't it so frustrating!!!!

and this is Summer said...

Thanks Sally. Summer is all good again. I heard yesterday that several horses had mild colic at the end of that ride.

We have had her in a Treeless saddle for close to 2 years now. A very good brand (read expensive too) and it is OK on her but obviously not perfect. Spent a lot of money on shims for saddle pads as well. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!