Saturday, October 30, 2010


It's gone again. What the heck happened to it this time?
There is so much going on in my life and inside my head right now that I just seem to be all over the place.

Teenager troubles again. Actually did they ever end? Or do they ever end? "Of course" I hear people say.
Focus on the good things, good advice but hard to follow some days

Trapper had his bandage changed again yesterday. Wounds look good. A small amount of proud flesh had to be cut off (wow that stuff bleeds!) but healing nicely.
Just a month really now till Waiouru though. Will he be going?

I heard yesterday of a standardbred mare thats going free. She's is saddle broken and apparently been on a trek or 2 so we will go and see her today. Just in case the Ginga Ninja is not ready.
Surely we will find her a home again if he comes right.

Chief is much more settled. I started to get excited about the fact that he almost ate a complete feed 2 days ago. Then last night, he hasn't touched it at all. I could leave him locked up with it but having done that already, it makes no difference. He is just a bit odd.

Summer is showing signs of being good to go again. Windy here this morning and she is having a play, pretending to be spooked. She too has been a bit quiet all week.

There are some friends from town heading to the beach this morning. I should be joining them but can't get myself motivated to attach float to car, load gear and go.

Not liking myself much right now.

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