Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yay for a sunny day.

There's not been a heck of a lot happening round here lately thanks to the arrival of winter. Its extremely wet around the country. Today however dawned fine and clear and thankfully I am not at work so Chief got a reminder session.

He's quite a spooky type so one thing I do each time I get him in, is spend time on desensitizing him to different things.

This morning I started him off quietly and kept adding all the different items as we went along

I think he's starting to be quite accepting. Spooked a bit when the buckets rubbed alongside the fence but nothing compared to what his reaction would have been when he first arrived.

All this gear is on with minimal fixings. It will come off really easily if things suddenly go very wrong and I am very careful. Would never add it too him if I thought for one moment he might react badly.

Lots of time spent holding things and rubbing things over and around him. He's still not liking the plastic bag on the stick much. Happily lets me rub it all over him but does not like it held above his back or where he can't see it so won't be tying that to him for a while I think.

Have taken all the gear off him while I have a cup of tea (have stinker of a cold and very dry sore throat) and then later on I will go out and start him with the driving reins.

Still a long way to go but its good to be able to look back and see the progress.


sally said...

gosh I should be coming to see you so I can pick your brains about what to do with my babies. Its all going well so far with mine but I'm surprised at the lack of decent books available to read (I'm a reader) ...and while I do know a few people around to help me I feel like I'm sailing blind. Its great to see your progress with your young horses

and this is Summer said...

I'm lucky in that I've been starting horses and ponies since I was a teenager. We could never afford 'made' ponies so had to learn it all the hard way. I've watched many different people over the years and seemed to have developed my own style. No flash gear or anything at our place. It probably takes longer but we get there in the end.

Just follow your instincts really.