Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sore ponies

One of the reasons I have so far resisted pushing Summer through this crupper business, and doing some of the things suggested by people, far braver than me, is that I have felt for a while now that she is a bit sore somewhere.

Seems she was way more sore than I realised (bad mother). We took her and Chief to Tommy Behrns this morning. He is the brilliant Chiropractor that has fixed up quite a few problems in our horses now.
Summer hasn't been to Tommy for a while. I think the last couple of times he's been up, we have been away.
She was out again in the same place she has been before. Just as I had suspected. Maybe I am finally getting to know her.

Chief I took along, as being the big chicken that I am, I wanted to make sure he was alright before I started even thinking about sitting on him. No sense in him learning to be resistant because he's sore, I think.
Just as well! He was out, right under neath the saddle area and also further back. Seems I do get somethings right.

So I guess the big question is, when do I re introduce that damn torture device????? I might have to get T2YA to have a chat with her and let her know that its meant to stop the sore spots from the saddle slipping etc. Or maybe I need to just try talking to her a bit better myself and of course listening more.


sally said...

gosh you are having some real crupper experiences. I have never used one....always think they look bloody uncomfortable . Frank is turning into quite the gorgeous big boy isn't he!

and this is Summer said...

We ♥ Frank. And Summer too of course. She puts up with a lot :-/