Saturday, May 22, 2010

When good idea's go bad

Yes more crupper issues. Not one of my better idea's but now I have to see it through.

Charlie unearthed this really old crupper that was nice and thin as its made from folded leather instead of the thickly rolled types that are popular now.
Worth giving a go in case its the whole bulk under the tail that was causing the issues.

Had a training session with it last week and today though I would put it on really loosely, just to get her used to it again.

Bad move, she slipped sideways down some steep and wet hills trying to avoid any pressure but then the saddle must have gone forward as I felt one bit of a hump, then one good pig root, I asked her to go forward again and she put in one more really good effort at pig rooting and the damn thing snapped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right back on the good thick part of the leather that attaches to the saddle.

Great *sarcasm* now I can only imagine what she is going to do next time.................

I think I will run all my bright idea's past a panel of people from now on as I am obviously a glutton for punishment :-/

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FeetNZ said...

I can just see Summer trying to work out how to best 'approach' the next crupper idea.