Friday, May 21, 2010

Feels like winter now

Yesterday was particularly cold day. Sad as the day before was so stunningly warm day.

Frank got to wear the creaky old dressage saddle, although its all such a non event with him. Really feel like its just going through the motions. I am sure that you could just climb on and ride off on him.
He is so food obsessed though that the most difficult thing is to get him to leave me alone so I can take the damn picture.

Chief has progressed to the East, complete with saddle bags and crupper, which may or not become part of his every day wear, but after recent experiences with Summer, I have decided it won't hurt him to learn to wear it right from the start.

He was a bit spooked by the builders banging away as the removed the old iron off the back of the hay barn, hence the startled look. All good stuff I reckon.
We did some more practice with Mr plastic bag on a stick. He actually waved a front foot a few times at it which is the first sign of any kind of aggression (for want of a better word) that he has ever shown.

So progress is happening. All be it slowly thanks to the time of the year and all the other stuff that happens in between. I really enjoy working with Chief. He is just a nice size to handle, not overly strong and very respectful.

My hands have suffered badly though in this colder weather. Very stiff and sore. Am off to explore gloves again that will allow me the ability to still do up buckles etc and still keep the joints warn and moving.

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