Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Chief's had a week of just hanging out and doing very little so it was back to work/play today.
He has remembered everything so today for some variety I introduced The Plastic Bag On The Stick!

He surprised me by allowing me to rub it all over him. round his legs, under his belly etc. Hmm, I am thinking, whats with this?
Then I happened to lift it up over his back area, not touching him, just above where a rider would be.
Then I got a reaction!!!! Nothing to terrible but he went round, and round, and round, and round, and round, and round, get the picture

So after a very long time he decided it was not going to eat him and he settled right down. Soaked in sweat (it was surprisingly warm here today) I thought it a good time to hose him. I had hosed his legs before with no bad reaction but today, (must be the sun or something!) he pulled back a couple of times and did a bit of leaping around before deciding to just stand and enjoy it.
Funny little dude. So the rest of the week I guess thats the lessons decided. Lots more desensitising to different objects.

Frank is usually hanging around (in case of food being offered of course) so I thought he may as well learn some big boy lessons.
We measured him yesterday and he is 15 & 1/2 hh already at 18 mths of age. Won't be riding him or anything like that but no harm in smoothing the process for later on.

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sally said...

sounds like you have had a fun day. glad to hear you had a sunny day to wash down sweaty horses.Was lovely here in Taranaki too