Tuesday, June 15, 2010

winter time blues

Still precious little to report. This past week has been a right off really. Lots of rain and wind. Mud, mud and more mud.

I've picked up a cough and cold that was getting hard to shake. Got a bit worse over the weekend and by Monday I needed to go to the doctor. Had woken up with an eye stuck shut and a loud ringing in one ear that still hasn't gone properly.

After hearing that I had been dosing myself with antihistamine twice daily (and I didn't even get told off for it!) they put me on steroids for a few days and anti bugs of course as sinus infection had obviously spread.

Still feel like I am trying to cough up a lung and have precious little voice (Yay say some) as well as a buzzing in ear but this afternoon I feel a bit better.

I don't usually wallow in self pity and all the subtle, and some not so subtle messages from friends are getting through but I just can't snap myself out of it right now.

Once this bug starts shifting hopefully I will feel a bit more motivated. Have been so run down for the past month or more that I should have seen it coming really.

Trying to feel positive, its only a week till the shortest day and Fieldays start tomorrow. We are going but not sure if I will make it around as many of the exhibits as normal. The lungs just aren't functioning too well. But the sun did shine today and its going to tomorrow as well. 2 fine days in a row is more than we've had in a while :-)

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sally said...

I've gone out in sympathy with you.....also have a cold .....looking at loads of mud and wondering where to put my babies next. Would like to go to the field days too ....but need to feel better. Hope you get better soon and if you do go to Mystery creek have fun