Sunday, June 20, 2010

And the world keeps on turning

Well we went to the Fieldays and the sun shone all day. It was beautiful. I coughed and spluttered my way round and had a few quiet sit downs throughout the day.

Lots of clothing bargains to be had and interesting things to see. My concentration wasn't up to much however.

I did meet up with Craig and his family. Nice to finally meet his better half, Vicki as well ;-)

The weather has since taken a down hill turn again and its now wetter than ever. I had to go back to the doctor on Friday as started to feel pretty poor again. More steroids and different anti bugs. Feeling quite shattered. Had a burst of energy this morning and then ended up with the shakes.

What a weakling... Still can't hear properly and really well and truly over myself.

HORSE Club ride at the beach today was cancelled, not that I was going. Can you imagine the mess, lol. Summer who's not been ridden for over a month, me feeling like a damp dish rag and a few horses as well as an open beach.

Still life goes on and the world keeps turning and tomorrow is the shortest day. Soon we can look forward to shedding coats and even more mud. Oh what fun winter is.

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