Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bits & bobs

Trapper is learning to wear a 'proper' bridle. His new rider would like to take him to Pony Club next season and for this he has to have a bit.

Now I am a traditionalist but this makes me really quite sad. He goes so well in his halter, is light and responsive, what more could you ask for from him?

Safety I hear people say. Usually people with no experience with riding in anything other than a bitted bridle.

So to get him used to it I put it on him while leading him off Summer via his halter. I lead him quite regularly like this as I am too lazy to ride them both and can get them worked quicker this way. I really feel sorry for him as he is not too happy as you can imagine. Will keep taking it slowly, that approach seems to work for me.

Summer settled much quicker yesterday. You would have thought that by now she would have worked out that when she is settled and going forward kindly that I let the pressure off. We can happily swing along at whatever pace suits, she gets pats and I don't fall off. Seems simple to me!

Very excited about having a lesson tomorrow!!! Thanks to Fiona for helping to make this happen. Man I hope I don't make a complete idiot of myself.

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