Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just riding

Saturday had been miserable and wet and Charlie & I managed to get damp while out riding in the wind and rain. Summer behaved horribly and I lost my temper and gave her a few good belts with the stick. Funnily enough she was really good after that...
So when a few friends decided to come out riding it was really nice to have such a beautiful day on Sunday. Warm, sunny and no wind. Thats Charlie on baby Trapper above and Stan on his Gus.
Susan & Jan posing in front of the mountain and Charlie and Trapper in the way!

Summer behaved herself really well. You never know with her but she did pig root all the way down a couple of hills. Charlie had insisted I tighten the crupper up and she did not like it at all. Tail firmly clamped down and trying to go sideways when she got growled for the pig rooting. Will have to work on that. Really jars your back those kind of antics.

We picked up a good old Pearce East Stock saddle on Saturday. It fits Summ really well, shouldn't really be surprised by that though as those saddle just always seemed to fit anything. I have been keen to try one for a while now but hard to find one at a fair price that was not big big in the seat. So this is Summer in her Stock Horse look. Most unattractive, haha. Need to try the saddle on a few rides as its very different to her comfy treeless.
Chief has just been getting lessons cemented before moving on. He decided on Saturday that he would not come into the yards with the other horses........at all. So Charlie got on the bike to help persuade him. The paddock is about 30 acres with gullies, trees and culverts and I swear Chief tried every possibly escape route for the next 15 minutes. He was very determined. But come into the yards he did in the end, so I gave him a pat and a bucket of feed and left him to realise that its not all bad.

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