Thursday, May 6, 2010

Its been a great day!

The lesson was brilliant and I am still grinning.

It started with Summers usual, lets get busy and lets do it now, to which we went right back to basics as in actually standing still till asked to move.
Makes me realise what bad habits I have allowed to happen. While I am a stickler for that stuff at home, when out somewhere its always just get on and go as you don't want to hold others up.
The rest was great. Moving off my leg nicely and being soft and supple. There were moments which felt amazing.
Wendy offered to show me just how she does look when going well. I am biased of course but thought she looked fabulous!

So while on a roll, Chief progressed to wearing a saddle blanket and surcingle today. He's doing really well. And he even ate half an apple and a bit of his feed. Progress. Quite hard to get good minerals into him when he's not really used to eating feed.
He is not standing back, blowing his nose quite so much now and seems way more settled.

And Trapper was a good boy too. He has never been too fussed on carrying saddle bags so with a weekend away coming up, I thought it a good time for a refresher. He was fine with them but is terrified of the long lunge whip. I was told he had a stock whip used on him when being broken in and seeing his reactions again I can firmly believe it. Very sad to see him so worried looking. Poor little dude is such a baby still at 4, its hard to think of him as a 2 1/2 yr old being broken in and having a stock whip used on him.

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